Sunday, May 23, 2021

40k - Battling the Big Bugs

 Yesterday my Death Guard battled against Alastair's Leviathan Hivefleet "Big Bugs" for control of the streets of Chadaquay Prime. 

We were using the amended Maelstrom of War Mission Pack that I've put together for the FOB NZ Grand Tournament at the end of July.

The mission was Ambitious Surge which has a Hammer & Anvil deployed. The mission specific rule is that you must designate one of your opponent's objectives each turn to be worth double points.

Here is some of the action:

The Tyranid deployment ready to rush forward and grab ground.

Contrast this with that of the Death Guard. It's a lonely life on the streets of Chadaquay Prime. 

Leviathan gets the first turn and grabs ground in the centre of the battlefield.

The Scything Hierodule is met by Mortarion's Anvil close combat Plague Marines. They blunt the advance but he manages to repair the damage and eventually carves them up. However, they have bought time for the Lord of Contagion to arrive from Deep Strike and finish him off.

On the other flank the Barbed Hierodule pushes through the Death Guard lines supported by Leviathan's Psychic Choir.

The Death Guard Blightlords stop the Hierodule's rampage but die in the process. The Malanthrope has been killed in combat by the Malignant Plaguecaster to the right of the statue. The Plaguecaster has been a thorn in the side of the hivefleet, twice stopping Onslaught and dishing out a lot of damage via Curse of the Leper.

Thematically, the cards play ball. In the last turn Leviathan has to kill a Psyker, which they do. The Death Guard must kill the enemy's most expensive remaining unit which is the Psyker Choir. Charged with retribution, the Death Guard army combines to destroy the Choir.

The game proved highly enjoyable with various twists and turns as the two armies fought to fulfil the objectives confronting them. The Death Guard prevailed 38-15.

One thing I learned is to make sure you always have 1CP in the bank so you can retain a card for next turn.

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