Sunday, May 9, 2021

Hobby - Happy Families With Hivefleet Cerebane

 What better way to spend Mother's Day than to spend the morning putting together a happy family group while watching the football.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased two Tyrannofex/Tervigon kits off a local Facebook group. The intent was to have them join Hivefleet Cerebane in time for Call toArms at the start of July.

So here is Terri the Tervigon with her current baby-daddy, Tyrone the Tyrannofex. Really nice kits to put together and I expect they will paint up very easily. Effectively, this is another 400 points for the Hivefleet which is growing by the day. 

Unsure which of the three weapon options was best for Tyrone, but in the end went with the Acid Spray gun because of its short range nature. 

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