Monday, May 24, 2021

40K - New Chapter Approved Mission Pack

 In their latest preview, GW announced an updated set of Chapter Approved missions for 40k. 

I am hoping that they put more thought into this pack than they did into the original set, which were very easily "solvable". Within a week in the wild, people released "killing" meant nothing and all you had to do was "survive" on objectives ensuring that you got your 45 Primary Points. This heavily skewed the most appropriate list builds and defaulted people to the either the "cheapest" or "unkillable" Obs Sec units.

Similarly with Secondaries; with my Harlequins I know for the initial release of the pack, it took me 10 minutes to choose "Behind Enemy Lines", "Bring It Down" and "While We Stand, We Fight" which pretty much guaranteed me 35 VPs minimum. The only time I varied from these was when enemy didn't have 10 points of vehicles or I was fighting Knights.

To their credit they did make changes in the FAQ update but generally you still saw the same small group of secondaries.

The other thing they need to look at is balance of Codex-specific secondaries. First, the elephant in the room - not every army has them. This makes the playing field even more uneven. Not only don't you have a 9th Ed Codex, you also don't have in some cases 30 VPs of "gimme" secondaries - I'm looking at you Dark Angels! I am hoping that they give all the races an army-specific secondary in this update to get them by.

Second, they need to at least try to balance them. As I said, some are "gimmes". They need to have the same level of achievement difficulty as the generic ones which also means balancing those.

Hopefully, the playtesters have spent a portion of their focus on balancing what is, to my mind, a key part of the game - the Victory Conditions.

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