Wednesday, May 19, 2021

40k Hobby - Big Bugs

 On the weekend I sprayed the base colours on some big bugs I am painting for the large scale Citifight fight battle I am putting on at Call to Arms in July.

I had recently purchased Tervigon, Tyrannofex and a Harpy and had rescued a Flyrant from my bitz box.

I am batch painting the four of them currently. The base colour has been laid down on wing membranes and also chitinous shells and I have started on the bone.

Harry the Harpy

Flossie the Flyrant

Terri Tervigon

Tyrone the Tyrannofex

Batch painting on this scale is certainly different from the norm but I think gives me the best opportunity to ensure that they get finished for Call to Arms. Once all the base colours are completed, I think I'll switch to a model by model painting approach. 

Now waiting for an eBay rescue Trygon to arrive to join the brood.

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