Friday, May 21, 2021

40K Hobby - Dark Eldar Infantry Horde

 So continuing with the task of tidying up my existing armies and getting them into a playable form, this week I got out my Dark Eldar horde.

This is very much a 3rd edition army full of metal and plastic sculpts. Totaling up it up, there are:

  • 60 Kabalite Warriors with mix of special and heavy weapons
  • 30 Metal Wyches
  • 8 Metal Incubi
  • 9 Metal Mandrakes
  • 5 Scourges
  • 20 Wracks

There are also 5 Hellions, 8 Reavers (with metal Wych bodies) and 4 Warp Beasts (found 5 more unpainted down stairs).

Lots of characters too - 6 different Haemoculi, metal Lelith, Drazhar, Urien plus various Archons.

To back it up are 5 3rd Ed Raiders, a 3rd Ed Ravager and 3 Metal Talos.

The intention is to fix all the broken models, re-base where necessary and magnetise the bases

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