Monday, May 3, 2021

Hobby - A Tray of Bugs

 Yesterday I pulled out all the Tyranid models that I could find in the house. Over the past week I have been painting random Nid models and following on from this I thought I would corral all my bugs into one place and go through them over the next month and paint them.

The first thing to do was to repair all the painted and partly painted models. Which brings me to the tray of bugs.

Phase One - Remember the Fallen

There is a real plethora of models there. Raveners, 3rd and 4th Edition Tyrant Guard, a Flyrant, Biovores, Zoanathropes....and my favourite, The Red Terror.

Last evening I repaired them all - with metal models aerosol CA accelerator is your friend - and those that need painting re-touches have been primed ready to go.

So over the next month expect to see pictures of a series of older Tyranid models as I comlete them.

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