Tuesday, October 12, 2021

40k - Behold the Sslyth!!

 A large part of the GW back catalogue of "miniatures of limited popularity" still exists in their resin product Finecast. For you young'ins, GW had until about 10 years ago produced its non-plastic models in pewter. They then decided - likely due to rise in commodity prices - to transfer all those models to a resin-like material, they called Finecast. Over time they have retired a lot of these Finecast models as they transitioned to plastic multipart sprues e.g. Incubi, Imperial Assassins etc.

Finecast has a very poor reputation in the Warhammer community. Particularly early on, the models were plagued by miscast. mold shifts and bubbles. Things got better with time but most people tried to avoid the product if at all possible, putting a premium on earlier metal castings of the same model.

I recently needed a Sslyth model for my Court of the Archon and the only avenue was to buy direct from GW - which meant Finecast. Last night I broke open the blister and put he/him together.

At the outset, I'll say that I love the model - both from a concept and the sculpt. What Archon doesn't own a 4-armed pet snake? 

How was the Finecast? Well I didn't have any problems. It clipped easy off the sprue and fitted together with minimal tidy up (certainly no more than a plastic figure). The casting seems sharp (I'll know more once I give it an undercoat and zenithal highlight.

Looking forward to getting him painted over the coming week.

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