Sunday, October 10, 2021

DBMM - Mongol Artillery Park

While I have been waiting for the stucco on my Roman villa to dry, I have taken the opportunity to fix up my four Mongol Conquest artillery elements.

The Mongol Conquest list lets you take four elements, two Art(S) and two Art(O). While they don't fit into the list I am looking to play I thought I would build and paint them for completeness.....and who knows? I may just want a change from that 30th LH(S) 😀 

Most of my army is Steve Barber Models but sprinkled in the cavalry and train, I have some of the Curteys Miniatures range. These artillery pieces are Curteys.

That pretty much completes my Mongol Conquest army. The only figure I have left to paint is the Wargames Illustrated "Genghis Khan" model. However given he is on foot and a slightly bigger scale than the rest of the army, he may just be a painting project.

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