Sunday, October 24, 2021

40K - NZ Rankings Update & 2021 NZ Masters News

The FOB NZ Warhammer 40k Rankings have been updated. This will probably be the final resting place for this tournament season as I am unaware of any events occuring this week or next.

The new tournament seasons begins on 1 November 2021.

Which brings us to the 2021 NZ Masters......

Based on the rankings, I believe that 9-10 of those in the Masters positions are subject to Level 3 lockdowns. Two live in the South Island and five enjoy the semi freedom of the lower North Island.

It would be manifestly unfair to have the 2021 NZ Masters with over half the eligible field unable to attend.

As I cannot forecast what Government policy will be on the first weekend of December (the date of the 2021 Masters), I am going to lay out a blueprint for what I am going to do.

IF the Northern Regions of New Zealand (including Auckland Metropolitan Area) have had Level 3 restrictions (or equivalent) lifted by Friday November 12 then the 2021 NZ Masters will proceed as planned on weekend of 4/5 December in Khandallah, Wellington. Critical to this is the freedom to travel from Auckland to Wellington.

HOWEVER, if the restrictions are still in place then the 2021 NZ Masters will be postponed to a more acceptable/achievable date in first half of 2022.

Now I am strongly of the opinion that the above criteria are unlikely to be met but I think it is unfair to the participants not to give them ample time to prepare and plan. It is also unfair on both the participants and myself as TO to delay the kill date on a December 2021 Masters much later than mid-November.

Hopefully, that gives all involved clarity and some certainty about the path forward. In giving this early notice, I am mindful that it hopefully removes an additional stressor from their current situation.

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