Wednesday, October 6, 2021

DBMM - Mongol Conquest Baggage - Victory Feast

 When I was a teenager I read a book called "The Devil's Horsemen" by John Chambers. It was a history of the Mongol Conquests and it inspired me to build a 15mm Mike's Models Mongol army (still have it).

In the book, there is a chapter called "Reconnaissance in Force" dealing with the campaign by Subedai and Jebe Noyan in 1219-1223AD. This was the first incursion by the Mongols into European Russia. Subedai led a force of 20,000 horsemen including two Mongol princes which culminated with the battle of Kalka River. 

Osprey produced a Campaign book on the battle which included a number of plates of the aftermath of the battle. The premise was that Mongol custom says that they may not shed the blood of royal personages. At Kalka they captured between 6-9 Russian/Kievan princes. To solve their "dilema', Subedai and Jebe had constructed a wooden platform which they placed over their prisoners and then sat upon while they had their victory feast.

Gripping Beast have produced a vignette that captures this event and I recently picked one up to include in my set of baggage. 

This was the first piece where I have used Pro Acryl paints and happy with the end result.

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  1. That’s cool. I see what you mean about the saturation of the paints. Very vibrant.