Friday, October 8, 2021

40K - Court of the Archon

One unit in the Dark Eldar book that I have never built or used id the "Court of the Archon". This appears to be a bunch of reprobates that the Archon keeps on hand for his amusement and comprises a variety of races you don't otherwise see in 40k.

The most iconic of these is the snake-like Ssylth. I purchased one from GW Mail Order and picked it up from Warhammer Lower Hutt yesterday. It is the first 40k model that I have purchased new this year....not bad making it through 9 months 😏

As can be seen from the packaging it is Finecast - yes, that shite still exists in 2021. I'm not looking forward to building it. Mr. Ssylth comes on a 40mm base while the rest of the Court are on 25mm.

for the other models, I found two metal Ur-Ghul like creatures in Jack's bits they will do nicely. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order the Medusae so I thought I would use a proxy. I grabbed a Delaque ganger off local Al and feel I can make him/he sufficiently medusa-esque to fit in my troop.

Finally, I have a Gimp suit Mandrake to expand my Mandrakes to 10 (giving me two units). I'll paint him at the same time as the others so I can tick that box.

Time for the spray booth!


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