Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Skaven Army

Here's some photos of my Skaven:

Slaves - I've used the Clanrat models.

My Furnace with Crippleclaw my Plague Priest

Another Slave unit

My Rat Swarms

The Gutter Runners on GF9 skirmish trays

The Rat Panzer - a looted Steam Tank I use as WLC (it's up on blocks)

Plague Monks

My Poisoned Wind Mortar and Doomflayer

My Clanrats

The Hell Pit Abomination - made out of a plastic action figure

My second WLC

More Clanrats - with Seerlord Morskitta, BSB Lhikit Craventail and the Engineer with MR (Dwarfskin Umbrella), Brolly Gnaw


  1. very good looking army. I has inspired me with a few ideas. Truly amazing.

  2. Oh the things I would do to own an army like this.

  3. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did you get such great Rat Swarms from?

    Thanks for taking the time to share :D

    Happy Gaming,


  4. They are from TSR's Dungeon & Dragons series

  5. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Cheers Allan

  6. GREAT army! Love it. Thanks a lot for sharing. Very inspirational :D
    One question: WHERE, oh WHERE did you find the plastic figure used as the base for that AWESOME Hell Pit Abom? What kind of figure is that? How i would love to work with that figure.......!

  7. It's an toy action figure I found on eBay. I think it was from the Spawn series.

    Thanks for the kind comments. I'm looking to get new figures up this week

  8. Well if you ever sell them...count me in

  9. Hello,
    How do you do the bases of your rats? I like this stone like effect. Very beautifull work.

  10. The abomination alternate is the "Gemini" figure from the "Warriors of the Zodiac" line of McFarlane toys.

    Link for the lazy: