Friday, August 6, 2010

Product Review - Abandoned Factory (Tabletop World)

As I said recently, one of the real pluses of 8th Edition is the ability to have more terrain on the table and that terrain enhancing rather than impeding the battle. I have been building up my terrain for 8th Ed on the premise that it is going to get more use.

One company that caught my eye recently was Tabletop World (, a relatively small operation run out of Croatia. I clicked on their website and saw some jaw-droppingly good terrain. Sold, I ordered the "Abandoned Factory" piece. The sales process was very quick and efficient they have an online order point that links directly to PayPal. I chose the cheaper shipping option but the piece was still with me in little over two weeks.

The factory arrived in a number of pieces - the main structure being a single casting, the roof section another. There was also a sealed bag of all the smaller pieces which ensures they don't get lost in transit.

The quality of the castings are very high. Certainly they are far superior to most manufacturers and I would place the quality at or above that of Forgeworld buildings. There is no flash or lugs on the pieces meaning I could immediately fit the factory together in a dry run of construction.

The factory stands 20cm (8 inches) high so is a sizable building, extremely good for providing cover,

I fully recommend the product. They are not cheap but are great value for money - the factory cost me NZD140 (USD 95)including post. This put it at a similar cost to GW's Fortified Mansion kit.

My factory is going to receive some ratty goodness so it can be a themed piece for my Skaven army. I'm hoping to have some completed pictures up in the next month.

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