Monday, August 9, 2010

New Zealand at the European Team Championships

Over the weekend the NZ team made its debut at the European Team Championships.

The team was made up of three ex-pat NZers (Mark Skilton, Chris Wilcox and James Milner), two recent residents (John Matthews and Dave Grant), Harry Dixon and two Australian ringers (Alex Kin-Wilde and Chris Cousens).

The ETC is played over 6 rounds and the NZ team faced off against France, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Finland and Greece. Out of the 32 teams at the event the NZ team placed an extremely credible 14th. This placed them ahead of England (17th) and behind Australia (4th).

I'd like to thank the Players for all their efforts. It is a big financial commitment as well as an enormous drain on personal/family time. Given the disparate locations of the team (Nelson, Brisbane, Melbourne, Delaware, UK) their performance is even more noteworthy.

Hopefully this won't be a one-off for NZ and their participation will be a yearly outing.

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