Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Building Rules in 8th

I think I must have been one of the few people who didn't mind the rules for buildings in 7th Edition. Whereas most people saw the rules as a hindrance and groaned when they saw a building on the table, I thought they offered a new set of challenges/tactics/opportunities.

Well 8th Ed has taken those building rules and cleaned them up.

The first rule to remember with buildings is that you can't come within 1" of the structure unless you are garrisoning it. This stops the old 7th Ed trick of moving up to the building and then stopping anybody entering it - effectively giving you a buffer zone whereby you couldn't be charged.

The second change is that buildings no longer appear to have a capacity - although shooting is restricted to 5 models per level.

You still can't charge out of a building which means that you can get marginalised if an opponent want to stop you from exiting.

Once you come to combat there are a few things you must remember:

1. Only one unit can assault the building

2. The Garrison unit may not flee

3. All types of model can assault the building - but there are different numbers that may fight for each type e.g. 10 infantry, 3 Montrous Infantry etc

4. Only wounds count for Combat Resolution

5. The Garrison unit is Steadfast - but if you are a rat remember there are no ranks in buildings

6. Should the Garrison break the victorious unit can't pursue, it must occupy the building.

A building is also one of the safest places from a template weapon - especially in this world of no partials. Instead of placing the template you hit D6 models.....big difference.

With the tidying up of the rules I think we'll see more buildings on our tables. It's therefore worthwhile making sure you read the relevant sections to make sure you are aware of any bits I've missed.

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