Thursday, August 19, 2010

Product Review - Skirmish Trays (GF9)

Obviously one of the biggest changes to 8th is how you move skirmishers. Now they are ranked up rather than being an amorphous block. Each model is meant to be 1/2" away from the next. This flies in the face of existing movement trays. Well I knew it wouldn't be long before a commercial product became away.

Gale Force Nine ( are the first cab off the rank. I have used GF9 trays for my Skaven army because they do a square edge that fits well with my paved bases. It also provides a lip on which you can base fences and walls to help with movement. The skirmish trays follow this pattern with a solid half inch between each figure.

Available in both 20mm and 25mm sizes, GF9 have produced a range of different sized trays from 5x1 to 5x5.

Turnaround from the USA to NZ was around 10 days from point of ordering.

They are also doing a series of Horde trays as well.

I'm very happy with the product. The GF9 movement trays are a little more expensive than the average but the quality of the precision cutting and materials certainly makes this worthwhile in my eyes.


  1. Looking at the tray I guess you don't bother to move the skirmishers back into base contact when charging or being charged? Do you think opponents will have an issue with that?

  2. Didn't seem to be a problem at last tournament however they are easily removed should my opponent want them out.