Thursday, August 12, 2010

NZ's First 8th Edition Tournament

This weekend we have NZ's first 8th Edition tournament as part of the Wellington Warlords' annual convention Call to Arms.

A very relaxed approach was taken to composition as to be honest it is far to early to be placing constraints with any degree of clarity. As I posted previously the armies I've seen have embraced the new ruleset without going over the top.

The breakdown of armies for the nineteen participants is as follows:

4 Chaos Warriors
4 Dwarfs
3 Skaven
2 Lizardmen
2 Bretonnians
1 Chaos Dwarfs
1 High Elves
1 Wood Elves
1 Daemons of Chaos

I'm not too sure what to make of this. It does seem that the locals feel comfortable enough to bring out their heavy infantry armies to stomp across the battlefield. I'm sure there will be some surprises - the High Elf list especially is very different.

Best luck to all the participants, I'm gutted that I am missing my first Call to Arms in ten years. However, Tom will be there with his Daemons to uphold the family name!


  1. Family name doing well so far. 50 out of 60 BPs day 1.

  2. Hey, (I think) we missed CTA 2005 as well, so it's not that bad