Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scoring of Scenarios in Tournaments

I've never been a big fan of scenarios in Warhammer tournaments preferring to play 5-6 rounds of Pitch Battle. With the introduction of 8th Edition you can see Games Workshop have designed the game whereby their scenarios encourage the building of a balanced, primarily combined arms, army.

In this part of the world, tournament scoring is typically 0-20 Battle Points rather than Win-Draw-Loss approach. However two of the six scenarios in the main part of the rulebook - Blood & Glory and Watchtower - have definitive victory conditions to give a win or loss.

At Skitterleap III (2400 points)in early October we will be using the new scenarios. In order to meld these into the existing scoring system adjustments need to be made.

My intention is to have achievement of the win worth 1000 VPs. This will coincide with the threshold required to achieve a 15-5 battle score, therefore all other things - banners, vps etc being equal you'll get a 15-5 if you win.

Victory points will be determined as normal on top of this however the adjustment will have both a floor and a cap. The winner will have their score adjusted by up to -4 Battle Points on the downside and +5 battle points on the upside, giving a possible score of between 11-20 Battle Points. The loser will be able to score between 0-9 Battle Points.

Achieving the objective ensures that you win the game and score at least 11 points. I believe that such a system preserves the integrity of the scenario while allowing TOs to use the 0-20 system (thereby giving some differentiation in scores).

I'm interested to hear other people's thoughts.

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  1. For the most part the objective scenarios are effectively decided by wiping out your opponent. Giving away 1000vp's for it just rubs salt in the wound and promotes more extreme results (20-0). The problem being that the objectives are determined after the game, rather than accumulating during it.

    Someone on WAU was talking about a 0-15 spread with bonus points making up the last 5 points. Those bonus points can change based on the scenario.

    I prefer the bonus point system because even the players who get smashed can grab some battle points out of it. Let's face it, if you get massacred you aren't in contention for winning the tournament, so getting 0 points is rather pointless. At least give the poorer players some targets to aim for.

    The disadvantage is that the scenarios and vp's need some regigging, i.e. you don't want to give out bonus vp's for killing the general and bonus battle points, one or the other, but not both. Same for the battle standard etc.

    Anyway just my thoughts.