Friday, December 10, 2010

More Regular Updates

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic and blog updates have fallen by the wayside.

Over the last month I been doing some consultancy work - shock to the system after a couple of years with my feet up - and that's stopped a lot of the daytime updates. Coupled with that, participating in the Oz Masters then running (and unexpectedly playing in) the NZ event has really chewed up the time.

With that over I was hoping to do some serious uopdating and then I got hit by food poisoning which laid me out for three days.

But now I'm back (well as back as my refound love for Panzer General II will allow me)!

Last night I got out my Iron Warriors and this morning promptly ordered 3 Rhinos. The army was built when the IW could have 4 Heavy Support and Oblits were Elite. So some reworking of the list will need to be done.

I've also made up 120 Island of Blood clanrats and once the mould lines are cleared they will be on the painting table. Three units of 40 rats I think!

Finally, my Abandonned Factory from Tabletop World is painted and pics ready to post. I've ordered their new merchant's house. Hope it's here for Xmas.

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