Thursday, December 16, 2010

Top 5 Common Magic Items for Skaven

Okay, today the new Common Magic Item list. With 8th Ed 80+ CMI were available for purchase. So what are the best for Skaven.

I'll preface this by saying that there are two things every Skaven army needs and places must be found. They are both bloody obvious but I'm going to state them anyway:

Battle Standard Bearer Upgrade to Chieftain

Dispel Scroll

Nothing will ever convince me that these two things are not mandatory!

Of the rest here are my picks:

Number 5: Ironcurse Icon (5pts) - 6+ Wd vs. Warmachines - stick it on a Furnace unit or the General's bunker.

Number 4: Obsidian Amulet (30 pts) - MR2. Great on the General's bunker. Coupled with other items can give him a 2+ Wd Sv vs. Magic

Number 3: Banner of Eternal Flame (10 pts) - How I wish Clanrats could take magic banners. All CC and shooting attacks are Flaming. Unfortunately it competes with Storm Banner and Banner of the Underempire for slots in my army.

Number 2: Earthing Rod (25 points) - Re-roll one miscast result. Well if you're going to throw the big dice you better have protection. Now mandatory on my Seer.

Number 1: Talisman of Protection (45 points) - 4+ Wd American Express, your Seer should never leave home without it.

Honourable Mentions:

Charmed Shield
- so cheap for its effect. Ignore the first hit....yes please. Nice if your BSB doesn't have Magic Banner. Unfortunately mine always it doesn't make the Top 5.

Armour of Destiny - Heavy armour and a 4+ Wd. See Charmed Shield.

Sword of Swiftslaying - ASF. Great on Warlord or BSB. Same limitation, no magic banner for BSB if he has it. Good for Warlord though.


  1. These are exactly the kind of useful lists that a noob like me really appreciates! Even if people disagree with the items, they help to narrow down a potentially huge range of choices that can overwhelm a less experienced player.
    More please!

  2. thx... this blog make my morning happy!
    huggs from a brazillian skaven player!