Friday, December 10, 2010

New Zealand Masters Results

Over the weekend I ran the 3rd New Zealand Masters here in Wellington. Invitations were based off the end of season rankings for NZ on Rankings HQ.

Unfortunately a couple of people dropped out of the 40k field in the final week reducing it to 10. The Fantasy field was the full 12, though one participant missed his flight and I stepped in to play on the morning of the event.

Here are the results of the Warhammer and Fantasy competitions:

So the NZ Masters for 2010 are:

Warhammer 40k - Charlie St. Clair (backing up his 2009 title)

Warhammer Fantasy - Raymond Dick

Charlie was a clear winner however Raymond suffered losses in the final two rounds that made his win a much closer thing. Certainly in the Fantasy event things went pretty much with Comp Score (Battle Points being adjusted by the difference in the two players scores) rewarding the players that brought the softer armies.

The whole weekend was played in great spirit and was an excellent way to finish the 2010 year.

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