Monday, December 13, 2010

Vermintide II - One for the Good Guys

Last year Neil Williamson and I ran Vermintide which was a 1200 point one dayer to finish the year. It attracted 32 players and was a real highlight at the end of the year.

This year we looked to do it again and although the 2009 event received great feedback we attracted less than a dozen. This was a real shame as the one day event was an effort to open things up to those that can't normally commit to a full weekend. Unfortunately it appeared that people were just too busy at this time of year.

A stuff up with hall bookings meant that it had to be moved from Saturday to Sunday and that dropped numbers again - down to 7!!!

Still the morning after I'm really glad that we had the event. The guys who played were fantastic and a pleasure to TO for. There was no gripes or grumbles they just got on with their games.

Rather than VPs I used the UK system of WDL of 3-1-0. This really changed the dynamic of the event as you only needed to be 100 points up to win. We played rulebook scenarios except Battle for the Pass.

Results were as follows:

1. Dave Meachen (Dark Elves) - 12 points
2. Tane Woodley (Dwarfs)/Tom Dunn (Daemons) - 10
3. Tim Norling (Warriors) - 9
4. Hugh Dixon ( High Elves) - 8
5. James Millington (Skaven) - 7
6. Paul Hassell (Beastmen) - 7
7. Matt Hassell (Dwarfs) - 4
8. Kent Jackson (Wood Elves) - 1

Tane played first three games and Tom played last two. This meant that we didn't have a bye.

It was a really fun event and I certainly enjoyed seeing the guys battling away.

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  1. I'd like to thank Tom for making me look good.... For the record, I got a win, a draw and a loss from three games, for a grand total of four points. Tom obviously won his two games, to give 'our team' six points, and second place.

    Thanks for that!