Thursday, December 23, 2010

Skaven New Releases

Okay so it looks like the original source of the new release skaven figures may have blown its bandwidth for the moment. I'll leave the links up and see if they correct it.

As to the actual figures; I'm not a big fan of the HPA at all. While it's meant to be a moulder "creation" it just tries too hard for mine.

I really like the Doomflayer but am interested on how it is packaged. The pics have an old ratling gun (just below the WLC) so I guess it is not with that. Given we had WFT and PWM in the IoB set, i think that there must be a warpgrinder we havent seen.

The mixed WLC and catapult kit is okay though I'm not convinced by the mount on the WLC. I suspect we'll see a lot of catapults out of the box with the WLC having converted mounts. I understand that the counterweight on the catapult and the warpstone in the cannon are the same piece. So some juggling required.

For me though the best releases are the characters and the magic cards. Ikit Klaw will definitely be my new engineer and i found a gem tonight. If you look in the unit in front of the pink HPA you can see a character on a Dwarfen arch. I understand that it is Tretch Craventail. Looks a great figure for the skaben character with the best fluff. Check out the army book.

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