Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skaven at the Oz Masters

Sorry for the delay in posting how I did. Monday I spent traveling back from Sydney and I've been working the past two days.

So how did I do? Not as well as I hoped. My target was Top 10 preferably Top Half and I did neither. I finished 12th but that was a lot better than it was looking after Day One when I was someway distant the rest of the field.

So what happened? I went 2-1-3 for the weekend but was really hurt by the Comp Differential I had to give away (38 Battle Points). My army played three of the four armies that scored 10 for Comp and one that scored 8. It was a mountain I couldn't climb especially as for four and a half games I had little or no luck.

The big underperformer for me was the Furnace which disappeared 3 times on Turn 1 or 2 due to a single shot. Not much you can do about that!

Even though I felt I got the raw prawn I had a great time. Whereas 7th Ed was 10-15% luck, I feel 8th is about 25%. That said it is still far more fun than 7th which was very staid towards the end. The ravages of luck are very Skaven too and I love that aspect of the army.

When I get some time though I post a report from the game with the greatest comeback since Lazarus.......they will be telling the whelplings in the breeding nests about it for years.

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