Monday, October 10, 2016

Herd Bases - WIP #5

After the last update I decided to use some Agrellan Earth on the bases and this resulted in the cracked mud effect.

From here the last part was to apply the vegetation. Throughout the army I've used tufts that are affixed using PVA. I have a selection from a variety of manufacturers including Silfuor, Army Painter and Citadel. In my opinion tufts are better than static grass when you are trying to achieve broken ground.

I think the overall effect is quite realistic and in this case complements the Herd army. In the next 24 hours I'll be posting some more detailed pictures of the final units and a shot of the overall army.

This is the last post on "How to do" the bases. Hopefully it has shown how straightforward and easy they are to achieve with just a little effort and will inspire others to try the methodology. There is an old adage in miniature painting "faces and Bases" and spending time on either can make a unit "POP". KoW, with its multibasing is ideally suited to this tenet.


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