Sunday, October 9, 2016

Herd Bases - WIP #4

On the home stretch now!

With the rocks and earth painted the next stage is to add some character. The first of these is to add some ink to the rocks to give them some discolouration. You can go as far as you want with this. I was reasonably happy with the rocks so just gave them the light touch.

The second is to add some water to the ground to simulate puddles. I use Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics but mix some GW Shades in. I then apply with a match or for larger depressions- live dangerously - and pour it in.

This comes up well and provides the base on which to mount the models. In some cases I will add GW Agrellan Earth - their crackle paint - but I'm not sure yet with these. I probably will Om the edges but will wait until after the models are added.

So the exciting part - fixing the models. I pin then to give extra rigidity. In this case my wolves are resin and a little bit brittle so that extra step is more troublesome. Still I think in the long run it is probably worth it.

I can get four wolves comfortably onto a Cavalry Troop base, easily meeting the MMC while still looking good.

The next stage is to go back and paint the models fixing point (see the back leg of the front right wolf ) and then decide on Agrellan Earth.

After that the fun part begins - using tufts.


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