Saturday, October 22, 2016

Terrain - Tabletop World "Ruined Townhouse"

Just finished the Ruined Townhouse from Tabletop World. I was trying to achieve a burnt out effect where the house has been at the centre of a battle - imagine the landed gentry house on the hill being blasted.

It has been mounted on a small hillock of dense foam with local rocks glued in. I then used a mix of GW Burnt Grass and Dead Grass on the inner part and their Terrain Pack Grass on the slopes. A mix of tufts have been used to finish it off. The hedges were picked up at a bring & buy sometime in the last year. To finish it off I added tufts and then got out the airbrush to char the hedges and further scorch the grass.

Probably about 10-12 hours from start to finish.

Happy that it creates a characterful piece for the battlefield.