Thursday, October 20, 2016

Terrain Resources - Textured Rolling Pins

While looking at hobby sites the other day I discovered Textured Rolling Pins. Theses are used to imprint green stuff (and other modelling putty) in various themes. They are most often used for bases and the like.

I thought that they would be ideal for KOW multibasing and so ordered a couple from the manufacturer, Green Stuff World. They are a Spanish company. You can check out their website here.

The site is very easy to navigate, utilises PayPal and provides all manner of hobby supplies. Postage is very reasonable and the delivery time was 10 days (from point of order) to literally the other side of the world.

I purchased two TRPs - "Temple" and "Cobblestone". I am harbouring thoughts of converting my rats from single to multibases. They will also be great for basing of terrain pieces.

The TRPs are exactly that - textured rolling pins - and are made of a solid acrylic, so they should last indefinitely. 

There is a very helpful video tutorial on how to use them here

Now I've just got to find an economical source of green stuff - any suggestions?


  1. Was the green stuff at Green Stuff World itself too pricey?

    Been meaning to pick up some of these rollers for ages.

  2. I find other sculpting materials better for the pins and for larger areas of the unit bases.

    I use super sculpey and Greek pin to create additional pieces of terrain. I first create a single big piece, cure it in the oven and then break it into smaller pieces.

    I use Frost for the main layer on all bases. For that I use milliput. When applying milliput as a first layer I then stick these bits and pieces here and there so that they don't need to be glued later.

    After all is dry you can paint your bases and apply further details if required, sand, static grass etc.

    1. Thanks Simon. I'll check out both of those

    2. Oops, sorry. Thanks anyway! Our local art shop sells the firm Super Sculpey.

  3. One of the tricks they suggest is that with Milliput you can add an equal amount of regular plasticine to make it go farther but at the ciost of an increased cure time - instead of say 24 hours for milliput to be rock solid, allow 48 hours for the blend to fully cure