Monday, October 24, 2016

Printable Scenery 3-D Printed Terrain Ready For Tabletop

With a long weekend here in New Zealand, I've taken the opportunity to finish up some 3D prints for the table.

The first is the Watchtower which I've mounted on a hill I made out of high density foam.

I used my Grasstech Static Grass applicator and got a nice upright effect on the grass. Tufts and garden rocks finish it off.

The tavern is mounted on hardboard. I have then used fine gravel, static grass and tufts to complete the base.

The Printable Scenery stuff comes up well. Now that I've finished the pieces I had printed I'm ready to move onto some other pieces. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll have some new prints to show.



  1. What resolution did you print at, and what %infill? I am about to print this model and just curious. How do you feel the scale is? I was thinking of making it a bit bigger, maybe 110% And lastly, did you do anything post print like vapor smoothing or sanding?

    Anyway, sorry for all the questions, no real good resources for people to share info on this stuff since he took down the messageboards on the website. Your finished stuff really looks great!



      I just used the file as it came, no resizing.