Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Zip Kicker - My New Best Friend

While I was in the USA I visited a couple of Art Supply shops. One in Boston had some Zip Kicker, an accelerant for super glue. Now Im sure you probably can get this from hobby shops in New Zealand but I had never seen it before so picked up some, as well as the complementary super glue, Zap.

The other day I got to use it for the first time. Mantic models are made of that super soft metal that snaps when you look at it funny. I had just finished basing a Troop of Centaurs when I snapped off one of the bows.

Normally this would mean a bloody fiddly - and likely botched - repair job as I tried to pin two pieces of soft metal about 1mm thick. Instead I got out the Zap glue, applied it to one end and applied Zip Kicker the other end. An instant bond, which has fixed the bow to as good as new. Usually a superglue repair will take a good ten minutes and you end up stuck to the model and the paint job.

Very, very impressed with this product. It should be in everyone's arsenal.

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  1. Yep CA accelerator like this is available at most local hobby stores, online & Brick & mortar.