Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Terrain - The Blacksmith on the Hill

Wellington has had an eventful few days over the past week. We were woken at 12:02am on Monday with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake and this has been followed with torrential rain over the past 24 hours resulting in flooding through the region. So what do you do? Paint terrain.

This is Tabletop World's Blacksmith's Forge. I've painted it to fit with the rest of my terrain and mounted it on a hill so it will grace my tabletop.

The hill is high density foam with static grass applied using the Grasstech applicator.

The roof comes off and you can see the Blacksmith's living quarters, complete with his lunch.

To finish off the piece I've used the smith/mason from the Mordheim Frenzied Mob.

The hill has had some clump foliage and tufts added to break up the grass.


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  1. Very nice, all the little details make the difference.