Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

The weekend has come and gone and for me it was one of snatched Hobby time where I could.

On Saturday I picked up a Skaven Blood Bowl team from GW and put them together that afternoon, then primed them.

You get two identical sprues - 3x Lineman, Blitzer, Thrower and Gutter Runner. No Kicker, no Rat Ogre. I suspect these may be released in the future. I've got a second team on the way as I want to have four Gutter Runners and extra fodder - sorry, linesmen.

Going through my bits box I found and old Boneripper model which will do well as my Rat Ogre. I painted him up and he should fit in well.

I need to decide on the basing scheme but I expect I'll go with non-descript sand, grass and tufts.

Looking forward to working on the team over the next few evenings.



  1. Kicker? Thats no part of any Bloodbowl team. Just a skill you give Linemen occasionally

  2. You getting the full game Pete?

    1. Bought the game less the humans and orcs from U.K. for $60 incl postage

    2. Yep, quite a few locals have teams