Sunday, November 20, 2016

Gav Thorpe's Bastard Child is Dead

As Maggie Thatcher said all those years ago, "Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice".

After 10 long years, Gav Thorpe's bastard child has been taken out the back and had had a bullet put in its head. Well sort of, maybe......

The new GW Community page has posted the following image (thanks Dan S):

Now you may not be aware but I'm not the greatest fan of Codex:CSM from 4th Ed onwards. I'm not going to say Gav Thorpe ruined my hobby.....well yes, I am.

That 2006 book of his sucked the marrow out of Chaos leaving us with the vanilla, soulless bones of Chaos Allsorts. I'm not gonna lie....thinking of that "codex" makes me feel all "postal", enough to need to have a lie down.

But this.......could there be hope. Is there a Santa after all? Or is it another cruel joke from the guys who blew up the Old World.

It's dangerous to play with people's emotions like this.


Traitor Legions: Nine is the magic number this month, as within this 136-page softback supplement to Codex Chaos Space Marines are army special rules, exclusive Detachments, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and Chaos Artefacts for each of the Traitor Legions - the nine legions who followed their Primarchs into treachery and heresy as they turned from the Emperor's light. (avail 10 Dec)

Nurgle is most pleased!


  1. I'm not holding my breath because unless it contains new units, improvements to existing units and equipment that puts CSM on par with Space Marines i.e. it acknowledges that the Traitor Legions were all FULLY EQUIPPED with the latest do dads in the 30th Millennium then its not going to do squat to fix them. I'll still play them as KDK but it won't fix them.

    1. Such a power gamer John.

      This is all about the narrative and the ability to play armies buttfucked by Thorpe a decade ago.

      I don't care how competitive they are as long as they provide cult terminators and the ability to customise units as per v3.5 can be as simple as Sonic Blaster replaces Heavy Bolter, Blastmaster replaces lascannon.

  2. I am looking forward to that If I can play Word Bearers as "Word Bearers" and not boring CSM with some fancy shoulder pads then I'll be very happy. It would be nice to be competitive though