Monday, November 7, 2016

"Gorechosen" Models Progressing

The outbreak of late Spring has meant that Hobby has taken a backseat to jobs around the house over the past fortnight. Suffice to say I am rapidly working my way through the list of DIY and landscaping jobs that will leave me with a stress-free Summer.

I did manage to work on the Gorechosen models over the weekend though. The box comes with four, White Dwarf gives you one more and there are rules for two from the AoS Starter Set. I have those seven and have now finished three with work advancing on the other four.

The bases aren't done yet and I need to varnish them but they will work as playing pieces - certainly better than grey plastic.

I tried to make them look battered and bruised as I'm pretty sure pitfighters aren't too worried about their aesthetics.

My aim is to use some weathering powders and some of the technical paints - Blood for the Blood God screams to be used - to finish them off.


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