Monday, November 7, 2016

The Heresy is Strong in This One

In the last couple of weeks while working around the house I've managed to start catching up on the Horus Heresy through the Black Library's audiobooks. I have finished "Deathfire" - 3 Salamanders beat 2000 Death Guard - "Pharos" - 1000 Ultramarines beat 20,000 Night Lords - and "Eye of Terra" - a selection of Horus's Legions being beaten by one loyalist and a dog.

That, and the release of the "Burning of Prospero" have inspired me to finish my 30k forces. I have 1800 points of Death Guard painted - 700-800 unpainted - and four unpainted units of Emperor's Children. So of course that means I buy more models.

First of all I picked up 20 Emperor's Children Mk IV Tactical Marines. These are based off the plastic BfC marines with upgrade kits. I ordered an extra 5 torsos - which FW forgot to put in my order.

To complement this I got a set of the EC Legion dice. Unlike GW, FW knows that you put the symbol on the "6".

Finally, I got a great deal on some of the new BoP marines. I managed to grab 20 Mk III Marines for NZ$70. This will let me bulk out my Death Guard with larger squads and also build some Heavy Support infantry.

The sprues for these HH Marines are amazing. Both the Mark III and IV sprues are packed with a huge amount of options for outfitting your Marines. I can see a massive pile of left over bits especially torsos, heads and shoulder pads. The magpies are forming a queue as we speak.

Finally I'm expecting 10 Breacher Squad Marines this week, along with a Recon Squad. Both will slot into the Death Guard to provide some added steel.


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