Saturday, November 26, 2016

Onwards and Upwards - The Rise and Rise of White Dwarf

After the five years of non-descript content followed by two years of the weekly WD advertising pamphlet, White Dwarf is back.

Re-launched in September as a monthly magazine, the "new" White Dwarf is now four issues old. The initial signs were very good but let's say I had a healthy dose of scepticism that the launch level would be maintained.

Happy to report that I haven't been disappointed. Speaking as someone who plays none of GW's three core games, I still see the magazine as great value. There is enough "hobby" in there for me every month that the magazine solidly fills in 2+ hours of reading time with content that both informs and inspires.

The painting articles are very good as are the general hobby technique guides. There is full about games I care about (although I don't play) as well as the work of fellow hobbyists.

The only downside is "Army of the Month". Surely they have run out of Stormcast Eternal armies to show us. There is one positive to that though - no matter how well painted the aesthetics of the Sigmarines (and their silly flightless dragons) confirm to me that Age of Sigmar isn't something that I'm likely to ever investigate. We mis you Old World.


  1. Jumping back into the Old World because I miss it so much.. I don't care that its not supported, people hae moved to 9th, KOW etc.. I miss the old world dammit and I still have so much to do and play..