Monday, November 7, 2016

ETC 2017 - NZ Team Applications Open

2017 is going to see the return of a New Zealand team to the ETC. Next year the event is being held in Salamanca in Spain in early August.

The Captain of the team is David Meachen. David has represented NZ at multiple ETCs and will bring enormous experience to the role. More than that David is a great team player and was the part of the backbone of the team I captained in 2014. He knows what the ETC is about both from the playing and planning front.

Teams are made up of 8 players plus 1-2 support staff. David is now looking for The Ninth Age players to make up the team. As has been the case with previous teams, there is a preference to include as many NZ-based players who meet the selection criteria. This is seen as an important impetus to the local Fantasy Wargaming scene. Also important is the importance of being a team player and also being able to uphold NZ's reputation as a team that exhibits sportsmanship.

The cost in time and money is not insubstantial. You are unlikely to get much change out of NZ$4000 and you need to be able to commit substantial time both before the event in planning and practice and at least 8-10 days for the event (including travel).

In the first instance you should register your interest at by 15 November.

David will then send you through a short questionnaire seeking some of the information needed to allow him to select the team. In making his decision he will be seeking some advice from community members.

The ETC is a great event. I really enjoyed the whole experience in 2014 and would love to return in future years. If anybody would like a conversation about the experience and expectations please drop me a line and I'll help as much as I can.

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