Thursday, December 1, 2016

Stairwell to the Dunn-geon

Last weekend I finally got around to painting the stairwell down to my wargaming room. Previously it had been painted in a cheery lemon colour (urrggghhh) and was beginning to show its age.

The facing wall is something like 15 feet - so much ladder fun was had balancing on a staircase - which gives a great wall for artwork.

And I had just the right pieces for it!

In 2005 I won both the New Zealand (three-Pete) and the Sydney Warhammer 40k Grand Tournaments put on by Games Workshop. The trophies that year were framed prints from John Blanche with boilerplate for the event.

For the last few years they have been sitting behind the door in my games room but this space was ideal for them.

The NZGT Overall Champion Trophy

At that event I won First Overall with my Emperor's Children and finished highest on Battle Points beating Steve Davis's Tau on Table One Round Six. As I remember it came down to a dice roll at the end of the game where a melta weapon rolled "1" to wound. This pushed it from narrow to major victory.

The Sydney GT First Place Trophy

Again I used the Emperor's Children and finished First Overall and highest in Battle Points. The win was especially sweet as I overcame the dreaded "Double Torpedo" - zero for Sports and Composition - from one of my opponents who felt it was silly I had a Squad of Noise Marines with Stealth and who got upset when I insisted he couldn't jump units with Daemonic Speed (should've paid the extra points for Daemonic Flight). Ahhh, fun times!


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  1. Very nice, good spot for them to hang. Still can't beat a good Blanche.