Monday, December 5, 2016

First Look at Traitor Legions

The first leaks from the new Traitor Legions supplement are up courtesy of VeteranNoob at Dakka. You can check them out here nicely formatted into a Google doc.

As expected it is a halfway house. Yes, we get our Legions back but just like Xmas you don't get everything you want - e.g. No Legion Termies except 1K Sons.

This very much follows the latest GW modus operandi - "If we don't have an off the shelf model then its not in the book".

So I don't get Death Guard specific termies, no power scythes etc and no Emperor's Children Noise Bikers, Termies. My biggest disappointment is the lack of Noise Havoks but I expect that I'll be able to create "counts as" at a pinch.

Looking forward to picking it up this weekend.

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  1. Blame the Chapterhouse lawsuit for the nothing if they don't have a model for it. I am still missing 3 of the special Characters from my Dark Eldar.