Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

Well what with Xmas and family the last week has been a little bit lax.

No Hobby for Xmas this year so I've pulled out some jobs that need to be finished. I found a primed Temple of Skulls downstairs and have started painting that. The airbrush was used for base colours and I've just started on the brush work.

Also finished my Emperor's Children 40k army ready for some games. I'll need to proxy a Chaos Lord but I've got two ready for painting and that provides a solid 1500 points.

We also started playing Gorechosen last night and it is a solid fun game. The mechanics work really well and with each game taken around 30 minutes it is a solid time filler.

Lastly I rang up the local GW yesterday to put aside one of the store only FW promotions. This time it was a 30k Primus Medicae.

In the end I baulked at the price - NZ$83 for a 28mm infantry model is too rich for me. It will be interesting to see how they sell.


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  1. Re that model price: ouch. I'm guessing the price in £ isn't nearly as egregious.