Thursday, December 29, 2016

Terrain - Temple of Skulls

I've had a GW "Temple of Skulls" terrain piece downstairs and primed which has been sitting on my shelf for 5-6 years. I picked it up on Boxing Day and thought it might be fun to paint.

To provide some variance from my other three (yeah, I know) j added some hooks and piles of Skulls from the Hellcannon kit plus a selection of other skulls I had in my bits box - including one from a Bone Giant.

I laid down the base colours with the airbrush and then used layers and washes on the rest.



  1. Looks good! - I had two Temple of Skulls but I sold them awhile back. They weren't any good for Fantasy which it was designed for, but AoS it would actually be playable.

  2. That's great because I hear AoS is Mr Dunn's next venture.