Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kings of War at Nicon 2017

Nicon is on mid-2017 in Hamilton Auckland and David Grieg has stepped up to umpire the KOW tournament.

The event hosts are insisting that any tournament must have 8 paid up participants by the end of January (this seems overly onerous given the well known organisational skills of wargamers but hey-ho).

You can download the Players Pack here

Hopefully this will get a good response from northern gamers which will then encourage southern gamers to sign up knowing that they will get the opportunity to test their mettle against a new group of opponents.


  1. It's in Auckland Pete, the players packs etc are judst being hosted on the Hamilton club site as one of their members is the overall event organiser for Nicon.

    1. Sorry David. I thought that was the case but then saw the hamilton Immortals and jumped to an erroneous conclusion. Makes it easier for OOTers to attend being in Akld.

      I've edited the post.