Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

Over the weekend I continued on some projects started last week.

The first of these was handing out numbers to Team Morskitta BB team. This involved applying transfers to their shoulder armour. Of course there is no #13 - that is saved for the Horned Rat.

After painting all my new 32mm plastic bases I pulled out my Emperor's Children army ready to re-base. It took me about five seconds to decide that they could stay on their existing bases, bar the Daemon Prince.

Using the Traitor Legion book I worked out a list which required minimal alteration to existing models. As it stands I need to convert three blastmasters to sonic blasters. I've primed and done the actual physical changes and now have to paint the replacement weapons and arms.

Finally, I have to paint a Chaos Lord. My EC have always been led by the mighty Challis Drant, however he has always been modelled as a Noise Terminator. The new book doesn't give him the option of taking a Sonic Weapon so I may look at another outfit. Looking in my box of EC bits, I found two candidates - one on a bike, the other mutated to a Daemonic Beast. Back in the day, the Daemonic Drant never saw the table as he was viewed as too abusive - combat drugs, speed, twin LCs. Today he'd lose his lunch money on the way to school. I think I'll paint both up anyway and see which fits the best.

The bike has a Doom Siren head but again he has no access to the weapon so I may change the model befor I paint him.

So plenty of small progressions being made.

On Wednesday I've got a game of KoW booked so watch out for a Battle Report prior to Xmas.


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