Monday, December 12, 2016

Blood Bowl - Team Morskitta

My Hobby over the past week or so has been focused on getting my new Skaven BB team painted and ready for play.

I purchased two sets of the new Skaven models - the second for a 7th Lineman and two more Gutter Runners. With an old Boneripper rat ogre this gave me the team of 16 I required. Here in NZ the BB releases - apart from game - are on back order, so I was able to sell off the remaining Skaven thru a Facebook trading group.

Team Morskitta plays in the traditional purple and green that has graced many armies coming out of the Dunn-geon. I have rescued the names from my old xBox file and they will be used for my roster.

The Linemen

The Muscle - Rat Ogre and Stormvermin Blitzers

The Offense - Gutter Runners and Throwers

Having played a lot on xBox and iPad, I have a pretty solid game plan with a starting line up that works well.

The 16 models let me cover all the bases in the life cycle of a roster.

Now just waiting for my game board to arrive. Jack has made it back for Xmas and brought his Orc and Human teams.

Happy that they are painted up. New policy of painting games as I buy them is working well.


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