Friday, December 2, 2016

The Vagaries of the Postal Service and Living at the Ends of the Earth

In my email inbox I have a folder called "Expectant Mail" where I put all the shipping confirmation from internet purchases. This lets me keep a handle on what orders are "live" and where there is tracking follow progress across the globe.

For the last ten days I've been expecting any one of seven outstanding orders to arrive in my mailbox and - nada! It's driving me nuts. You offshore readers don't know how lucky you are to be close to retailers/manufacturers while down here in Paradise we are at the end of a very long logistics process.

And we aren't even in the Xmas shipping period yet!

One of these was a pre-order from Games Workshop and it is currently a week late from release day. I should have taken the option to have it delivered to the local store and then I could have picked it up last Friday. Can't help think that the slow service is there to get me to frequent the store. Paranoid, much?

Still one day in (hopefully) the near future I'm going to open the mailbox and it will be bursting with hobby goodness. I can only hope.


  1. Amen! I hate waiting for things to arrive from the northern hemisphere.

  2. With the recent earthquakes all our international mail is arriving in Auckland and being trucked down.