Friday, January 13, 2017

Mantic Releases Trident Realm Figures

Mantic have posted pictures of their new Trident Realm figures on their website. I've grabbed a selection of them so you can get a feel for the models and some context for my comments.

My understanding is that the figures are metal, though I may be wrong.

Colour me unimpressed. I appreciate that this is a new army - and I like that it is one that has no GW equivalent - but my concern is with the presentation. They just don't do it for me.

Now this may be as a result of many things. First they may not have the best paint job. In 2016 Mantic did a really good job of selling the Empire of Dust "concept" by using Brandon Palmer of GMM Studios to paint the army. They looked great and although I don't know the economics of the initiative I felt it really up the ante for Mantic, positioning them as a serious player.

The paint job here is not great. By that I mean I'd fancy myself to do a better job. The colour choice is very pastel and looks - pardon the pun - washed out. I'm not sure the basing helps either. Something more in keeping with the army theme would have been more suitable.

As for the sculpts, I'm having a bit of trouble with the soft detail. Things are just not very distinct. This carries from the Wave (which I appreciate should be more "fluid" through to the crab which appears very undefined. Overall I feel that the models have no more quality than cheap aquatic toys you'd see at the local Toyworld.

I guess I was probably hoping for more from Mantic with this release - especially after EOD.



  1. After doing so well (really imo) with their EoD release... I'd echo your comments here Pete.

    The sculpts are disappointing, as is the presentation. They could have done so so much more in either case. It seems like both are stuck back in the 80's or 90's - because either wouldn't look too out of place in earlier White Dwarf magazines.

    Which puts Mantic... about 30 years behind "the game"?

  2. Wow I want to say they look average but that would be too kind they are Okay at best.

    Oh Pete so innocent this is Mantics default for the past 7 years make you go ooh wow a company that cares about players etc then release some disappointing tat then have a kickstarter...

    I am not bitter honest

    Whats EOD?

  3. If anything I dislike the harpoon gun model more. I think the Thuuls and crab things could look ok with a better paint job. The water elemental seems possibly beyond redemption.

  4. Guess my real annoyance is that they look little better than toy store toys. I agree the Thuuls might be salvageable with a betterpaint job - but why not do that.

    I can't see any saving grace for the Gigas or Elementals

  5. I agree, Mantic in general make horroible fantasy models. I think some of their Scifi models are OK, but in a field of great manufacturers, they are near the bottom of the pack. I guess this is proof that you get what you pay for.

    I am not sure whether it is a limitation of the manufacturing process they use or whether it is lack of design expertise. In the end it is probably a mix of both.

    Mantics walking dead models look good and some of the other things Al got in their scifi kick starter look good but their fantasy game division needs to be sacrificed and replaced.

  6. These look like they belong at the bottom of a fish tank mate...

  7. Very disappointing - odd as their recent Undead additions (wights, zombie trolls) were imo great additions and demonstrating their advancement in modelling.

  8. Interested if your thoughts have changed Pete now that they are up with finished paint jobs:

    1. Much much better David. The highlighting on the Gigas comes out in the new photos.

  9. The details on the Thuuls pop a lot better now as well. Guess they released early WIP photos to get people excited about the upcoming new stuff, which lots of people were but also got a chunk of backlash from certain parts as well. Can't win them all.