Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Hobby Update

The big thing for me has been working on my Observatory. It is all printed, constructed, sealed, primed and has been basecoated. I'm detailing it now and then I'll construct a hill to mount it on. My guess is that I'll finish it this week, given a few evenings.

I am also waiting - impatiently - for Traitor Legions to be added to Army Builder. I'm itching to draw up some lists but don't want to construct a spreadsheet with a new file release imminent. If i haven't seen anything by the end of the week I'll likely fold.

Apart from that I have bundled up 20 years of White Dwarfs, put them in boxes and shifted them into storage. Going through them brought some great memories. I will say that in its current iteration WD is probably the best it has been in 12+ years!

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