Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Toe in the Water

On Tuesday I had my first game of 40k in about 7-8 years playing Sam's Blood Angels. I was using the Rapture Battalion out of Traitor Legions.....and it was good to get the Emperor's Children on the table again.

Knowing my fragile state, Sam was very gentle with me......and I enjoyed myself :-)

I can't see myself playing tournaments under 7th Ed but I'll definitely look forward to 8th especially if it is a full re-boot.

Inspired, I have built myself a Codex for  my Kakophoni (thanks to John from Oz that sent me a pdf that combined the various CSM sourcebook - and yes I own the official versions - Codex:CSM on iBooks and physical Traitors Legion). This lets me condense the relevant pages into a standalone document that is far easier to navigate given my rudimentary requirements.

Looking forward to painting up my Lord on Bike and also my EC Sonic Dreadnought.


  1. It would be interested to see a list you are currently working on. I was trying to do a EC army but I kept getting distracted by Deathguard and the possibilitys of them with the various detachments/formations.

    I have seen a few attempts at 6 x 5 man sonic squads with a BM in each. I think 4-5 5 man squads each with a BM but without Sonic blasters is a cheaper alternative. Just take 1 unit of full sonics. But then the pain of Salvo weapons is exaggerated.

    I think a CAD/Rapture Battalion with the Chaos Warband is better (CSM Bikes that are potentially T6 with 4+ FNP or T5 termies with 4+ FNP could be good.)

    Shame as I do like the idea of a full sonic army that is above the level of Orks (possibly the weakest army out there at the moment.)

    1. The general problem with going with an all sonic Kakophoni is that you are looking at 1300-1400 points (including Spawn tax). That leaves little points to add in other detachments.

      You can forgo the full sonic army and/or not max units in Kakophoni (no +1 S on sonic weapons) and that might be something I look at at 1850-2000 points.

      At moment my army is:

      Lord on Bike
      Daemon Prince with Wings

      6 units of Noise Marines - all sonics (5x BM) except champs

      Looking at playing with unit size to fit out a rhino squad

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I'm more and more hopeful for 40k in long term future.