Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mantic Releasing Kings of War Tournament Pack

Thanks to David Grieg from Mighty Ape for pointing out an upcoming releases from Mantic Games.

Kings of War: Organised Play Supplement 2017

Here is our essential guide to running a Kings of War event. From small, one-day tournaments to epic leagues lasting several months, inside you’ll find everything you need to make your event a success, including Tournament Guide and Tips, League Guide, Rules updates and more!

Tournament Guide
From choosing your venue and game format, to making sure you have enough food and drink on hand, learn how to plan and deliver a top-notch tournament step-by-step.

Tips from Experienced TOs
Some of the world’s leading Kings of War tournament organisers share their experiences and offer-up some seasoned advice for newcomers.

League Guide
We cover everything from escalation to ladder leagues, along with an experience system to give your event that added sense of progression.

Writing your Own Rules
Want to create new Kings of War content? We’ve set out some pointers on the best way to make or modify units, special rules, and scenarios with maximum compatibility.

All-New 2017 Rules
Get up to speed with the very latest Kings of War balance updates, along with brand new scenarios, spells and artefacts for the 2017 tournament season.

This looks real good! As noted it contains new magic items and spells as well as some new scenarios. It also incorporates the tweaks that the CoK introduced in 2016.

The release date is late February and the price Mighty Ape have listed is NZD 17.99.

What a bargain!

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