Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Warhammer 40k Podcasts

Over the past 3-4 weeks I started listening to a variety of 40k podcasts.

Being on the scrap heap of corporate endeavour, I try to get out for a two hour walk 3-4 mornings a week. Generally I listen to Football Weekly and Freakanomics getting some Hobby in with selected Countercharge episodes.

The variety of KoW podcasts is not great and the haphazard nature of a lot of release schedules leaves a gap in my listening schedule. Hence my foray into 40k podcasts.

I'm sure that there are many many 40k podcasts out there. The accessibility to software and hardware is far greater these days than even five years ago.

The three I have settled into listening, have on my download schedule and have ventured into their back catalogue are:

In all three cases the podcasts seem to be Hobby-centric in that they take a more holistic approach to 40k. I like the discussion of aspects other than gameplay and these three hit the buttons in terms of the creative side of 40k as well as discussions of fluff etc. They also seem to have a more fluff centred view of list construction.

I've listened to a few other casts that seem focussed more on the gameplay aspects of tournaments I.e. Heavily slanted to list construction but none have held my interest as much.

So are there other casts out there I should list to? Any suggestions appreciated.



  1. I only recently got into podcasts over the last year, but have come to enjoy enjoy Forge the Narrative, but haven't listened to the other two - I will give them a go so thanks for the recommendation!

  2. You've hit my main stays. Really glad the IC's came back on air after Carl took a break. I also have "The Adeptus Terra Podcast" on my rotation, but more as a back up. If you like in depth military history then I recommend Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. His current free topics include a 3 part series on the Assyrians and a 6 part series on WW1, with more in his back catalog that you can purchase. The series on the Khan's was really good. He only does 3 or so episodes a year but they are always great. Carlin and the IC's are my favorite podcasts.

    1. Yes, I'm big Dan Carlin fan. His work on the Khans was excellent. It's one area where I have extensive knowledge and I couldn't fault his coverage. I purchased his Eastern Front and Macedonian series and they were very good as well.